One Cute Puppy + Several Good Deeds = One Very Happy Day at Adopt-a-Dog

The cute puppy in this equation is Alex; sweet, still getting used to people, currently waiting to be adopted from Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk. A little shy, with a non-stop wagging tail, a very cuddly nature, and adorable big brown eyes.

Happy Day Westchester Adopt a Dog Girl with Alex

The good deeds in this equation are provided by the helping hands of several local Girl Scouts. My daughter’s Troop is participating in a Junior Volunteer Program at Adopt-A-Dog, which is a rescue sanctuary currently home to a few puppies and many adult dogs and cats seeking families.

Eleni, a caregiver at Adopt-a-Dog, has been meeting with our local Girl Scout Troop for several weeks now, to educate the girls about animal rescue and care. Eleni has made these informational sessions incredibly fun, using traditional games like Bingo and  Taboo but with customized dog-and cat-themes.

Happy Day Westchester Adopt a Dog class

The girls, in return, are providing hands-on assistance to the shelter in several ways: they’ve baked home-made dog treats for the dogs to enjoy; they’ve done fund-raising and research towards the purchase of new equipment to be used by the shelter; and they’ll be assisting with collections for an upcoming tag-sale which will raise money for this worthy organization.

Probably the most fun way the girls have helped, though, is this: they are socializing some of the shelters newest additions as they get used to being around children and groups of people. Or, to put it another way: they’ve been PLAYING with PUPPIES! 

happy day westchester adopt a dog floor

The program at Adopt-a-Dog has been incredibly rewarding for the girls, as they learn the deep satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from helping others – dogs, cats AND people. Plus, the girls will be earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award with the work they are doing at the shelter. Congratulations, girls!

happy day westchester group shot adopt a dog

Eleni, Alex and the girls

Do you possibly have a few hours to spare this month? Adopt-a-Dog is always looking for volunteers. Families can participate together; children under 18 can volunteer at the shelter if accompanied by an adult. Follow this link for more information on volunteering.

Happy Day Westchester adopt a dog jeter


Adopt-a-Dog is 100% supported by private donations. Can you help the shelter by making a donation? You can easily make a monetary donation online by following this link, and it would be so very much appreciated.

The shelter is also always seeking donations of items like gently used towels and blankets; balls and animal toys; even cleaning and office supplies. Follow this link for the complete list.

Save the date for the shelter’s upcoming Rummage for Rescue – a giant tag sale to support the rescue efforts of this and several other local animal shelters: May 10, 2014.

Spread the word: Adopt-a-Dog, and Alex, can use your help!

Happy Day Westchester Adopt a dog logo

6 thoughts on “One Cute Puppy + Several Good Deeds = One Very Happy Day at Adopt-a-Dog

  1. My beautiful granddaughter Jordy is one of these Girl Scouts. I think this project is wonderful for both the dogs and the girls! I’m proud of all of them!

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