#HappyinWestchester…Send me a picture of what makes you happy

You must have heard…today is International Day of Happiness. I’d love to do my small part in spreading a little Happiness right here on this page. Can you help? I’m looking for your #HappyInWestchester photos. What is it about Westchester that makes you smile? Is it the view from the train as you head to work? Is it the park in town where your kids play? The coffee shop that gets you going each morning? Your own backyard?

Email me your photos at HappyDayWestchester@gmail.com. Nothing fancy – a shot from your phone is just fine. Include your first name and where the photo was taken. I’ll do my best to get as many posted as I can. Let’s spread a little Westchester Happiness!


From Nick


From Cheryl

halfmoon restaurant

Halfmoon Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, submitted by Diane. Diane said credit for this picture goes to the Half Moon Wesbsite. According to Diane, watching the sunset from HalfMoon with her husband is her favorite Westchester Happy Day!


Flo, Yonkers

happy day westchester happy summer


Samuel Untermyer Conservancy, Yonkers



From Christine in White Plains
photo 2

From Laurel in Northern Westchester


From KJ- Rye, Playland


From DS, Mt. Kisco


From Carol in White Plains


And one more from me….

Happy Day Westchester sunrise 3.21.14

Thank you to everyone who shared these touching photos of what makes them Happy. They are all BEAUTIFUL!

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