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happy day westchester ribbon about Happy Day Westchester

Aren’t we all in search of our next Happy Day?

Since 2013, I’ve been on a quest with my busy family of six to seek out as many fun and unique activities around Westchester as possible. We’ve had a blast! We have loved discovering new adventures in our own backyard, and Westchester has never failed to deliver. As the kids have grown, our explorations have expanded to other parts of the world, but our hearts are always here. Keep exploring, and here’s wishing you a Happy Day, Westchester! 



8 thoughts on “About Happy Day, Westchester

  1. I am always trying to find fun and meaningful outings to squeeze into my familys’ time-pressed schedules. What could be better than HappyDay Westchester doing research and recommending things to help ensure my happy day? Time is flying by with each passing week of work and my kids will be grown up in the blink of an eye. Quality time together is my priority. I love this blog!!!!!!

  2. I am all over this blog! I am constantly hunting for fun things to do…I agree that a “busy day” is a Happy Day!

  3. I like this blog. Here’s some of the things our family has enjoyed over the years that make us happy…the Katonah Museum gallery and the kids craft room is amazing. Then we walk into town for Pizza at Pizza Station and check out some of the town shops. Our favorite is the Hardware store across from Pizza Station.

    When we think of giving back to community we usually go to Afya Foundation to help sort medical supplies to ship to places in need.

    We enjoy the Hudson River Museum which also has an excellent children’s room and a glorious Victorian home. The Planetarium is amazing as well as the Riverama.

    We love Westchester’s free arts day.

    For trails and biking we have biked on the old North County Trailway and stop for a picnic by Tarrytown reservoir.

    We have also enjoyed the Lyndhurst castle’s Spring Lego annual event, Fall scarecrow making weekend and Spring and Fall craft shows along with the Holiday decorations.

    We have visited all the Historic Hudson Valley sites for various events and the Children’s Author book day is our favorite.

    We’ve also visited many of the beautiful historic homes and gardens in Westchester for open garden days and our kids love to walk around and enjoy a picnic.

    We used to live in the City and moving up here and having children was a culture shock of sorts. We purposely had to “check-out” what Westchester offered as a lifestyle. We have grown to love all the beauty, tranquility and culture that Westchester offers.

    • Thank you so much for sharing what your family has enjoyed around Westchester. I have loved many of these same events, and you have mentioned a few new ones that I’ll have to check out.

      There’s always something new happening around the county- I agree wholeheartedly that Westchester has much to appreciate and experience. That’s why I’m writing! Thanks for reading and sharing the journey with me.

  4. Love your recent posts- especially the story about the Greyston Bakery! I’m always looking for new gift-giving ideas that make everyone feel good. We received some of the Greyston brownies as a gift recently. My family not only loved how delicious they were but the truly fabulous and inspiring story behind the bakery’s creation.

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