The Puzzle Parlour

With a steady supply of below-freezing temperatures in the forecast this winter, my family has been looking for some unique ways to have fun, stay warm and avoid cabin fever. We recently discovered one perfect solution: The Puzzle Parlour, a new escape room destination in White Plains.

puzzle parlour main

The Puzzle Parlour describes itself as a “live-action adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced”. For us, this description was 100% accurate! This was our first time trying an escape room, and it won’t be our last- the experience was an instant hit with the whole family. The premise is simple: immersive storytelling, teamwork, and puzzle-solving. The clock is ticking…you have one hour to solve the mystery and escape the room!

Several storyline experiences are offered at the Puzzle Parlour, but after a quick review of the options, we chose the adventure entitled “The Surgery”. Upon arrival, a member of the Puzzle Parlour team explained the backstory to us: it seems we had been enjoying the vacation of our lives when we unexpectedly woke from a groggy sleep in a dark, dismal operating room. As our guide explained the details, she led us down the hall and dropped us into the story by leaving us alone…in a room with no windows and several locked doors!puzzle parlour surgery clues

My family jumped into action, exploring the room. With plenty to see, touch and manipulate, everyone in the group was able to actively participate in discovering clues. The room was filled with interesting props, mysterious wall hangings, and fixtures which were not what they originally appeared to be. After a few minutes of intense discovery, we finally figured out a way to unlock the door…which led to another locked room! Our experience had four separate rooms in total, with each room presenting a completely different set of problems to solve, all while the clock ticked down.

One of the most fun parts of an experience like this is watching the true personalities of your group bubble to the surface. Who takes charge? It may not be who you expect! Who catches the tiny details that everyone else misses? Who cracks under the pressure, and who proves themselves worthy of becoming the next Sherlock?  You’ll have a blast watching it all unfold.puzzle parlour surgery

The Puzzle Parlour was a great way to spend an afternoon. It would be the perfect activity for a girls-night out, an employee team building exercise, a teenager’s birthday party or an afternoon with your family. And don’t worry about not being able to solve the puzzles: if you get stuck, hints are available. You won’t need to use them though…I have a feeling you are up to the challenge!

The Puzzle Parlour is conveniently located in the heart of downtown White Plains. For more information or to buy tickets,  visit the Puzzle Parlour at