Wordless Wednesday…Where in Westchester?

The best part about being “an explorer”…stumbling upon things you never knew existed. This is what I stumbled upon this week….no, not on a remote hillside in Germany…right here in Westchester. Do you know where? Take a guess in the comments. I’ll provide the answer on Friday….along with the little bit of information I was able to find about this wonderful…and very old…piece of Westchester history.

Happy Day Westchester Castle 3

HappyDayWestchester gazebo

Happy Day Westchester WW Window

Happy Day Westchester ww turret

Happy Day Westchester WW GIC

Happy Day Westchester Castle ArCh

Happy Day Westchester Castle 2

Happy Day Westchester Arch front

Happy Day Westchester Castle Stones


Update: As Ray guessed, these Castles are located in Glen Island Park. I didn’t know they were there; I stumbled upon them accidentally while visiting the park. It’s always a thrill to explore a place you’ve never been before; walking around these castles felt like stepping back in time. I couldn’t find a plaque or information sign at the site describing the history. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think so. I had to wait until I got home and did some digging to figure out what I had seen.

According to the Westchester County Parks website, the castles were built in the late 1800’s by John H. Starin. Starin owned Glen Island and it was operated as a summer resort. The castles were used as a restaurant and beer garden. The website Historic Pelham has more information about this old resort; follow this link to read more. How many adventures were had within these stone walls over the past 140 years?

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