Some of our neighbors need our help to stay warm

When the Polar Vortex descended on Westchester a few days ago, bringing brutal and dangerous temperatures, most of us turned up the thermostat a little and stayed indoors. For some of our neighbors here in Westchester, staying warm was not that easy.

The Community Center of Northern Westchester has put out an appeal for warm coats, boots and blankets to distribute to families in need. Click here to visit their website and see exactly how you can help.

Kids grow out of clothing very quickly. We just looked through our closets and found many warm things to donate. Will you do the same?

A small gesture from you might mean the world to someone else.

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4 thoughts on “Some of our neighbors need our help to stay warm

  1. Thank you for publicizing the community center. Donating your outgrown clothing is a great way to help your neighbors in need!!

  2. it is so important to remember others, even when we are feeling struggles ourselves – there is always someone we can help! good for you for sending out the message.

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