Happy Day Reality Check

Well, I did say I was on a quest. Meaning, I’m always searching for that next great day with my family here in Westchester; I realize I won’t always find exactly the day that I was looking for.

Last weekend was a typical weekend in the life of my family- and probably most families. We had a lot going on. Lessons, birthday parties, errands; scheduling conflicts, homework, piles of laundry. Throw in a nasty cold tearing through the house, grumpy kids who didn’t get enough sleep, and a marathon-running husband who had many, many miles to run.

By Sunday morning, it was clear that my plans for our next  Happy Day, Westchester adventure were just not going to happen.

So, I rolled with it. I filed my plan away for another week, and came up with an easy, doable alternative.  Maybe you can’t always rally the troops and find the time to get out for a big adventure, but you can always find an hour for a family adventure at the kitchen table.

Happy Day Westchester Game Night


Last Sunday night became game night at our house. Of course, it started with a challenging few minutes tearing one child away from Minecraft, and another away from the i-device perpetually attached to her body.  Next came a brief argument about what game to play, followed by a healthy debate about the best way to decide who goes first. After all this initial drama, we eventually had enough people seated around the table ready to play, with snacks and drinks at the ready.  We had a great time…for quite a while…until the game went on just a little too long and ultimately was abandoned without a winner. Such is life.

Every day won’t be perfect. Sometimes, instead of a family adventure, you may only find a few precious minutes of family togetherness gathered around a board game. As long as we each continue striving, and we hit the mark some of the time, we can consider ourselves successful.

So, onward! Next week is on its way. Go check out this Winter Guide to Local Museums  from What to Do or this Westchester Magazine Calendar. Pick a fun, interesting event and make a decision right now that you’re going to take your family. Look at your calendar and figure out a time that would work next weekend or the week after. Block the time, notify your spouse, and put a note on your fridge with the details: Family Event. Everyone Attending!

WIth a little bit of planning, you just might have yourself an adventure next weekend. And if life gets in the way,  like it did for me last weekend, have that board game ready!

4 thoughts on “Happy Day Reality Check

  1. So true! Reading this gave me a smile … and fond memories of our family around a board game – typically Monopoly. Or SnowBoardopoly. Or NY Yankee’opoly. Or Armonk’opoly! Thanks 🙂

  2. Ok, so board games are our family’s natural default mode! Monopoly is a perennial favorite, but there’s also Catan, Risk, Scrabble, Uno and we never go to a restaurant without a deck of cards, just in case. Some suggestions for success that we have learned over the years: keep the official game rules handy to deal with any disputes, put the game on hold for a few hours or even overnight when the kids get antsy or frustrated, and set up some basic ground rules before you get started (like no taking advantage of the youngest player!). board games can be an amazing way to spend time together!

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