Escape from Westchester! When you just have to get away, here are 11 reasons to check out Woodloch Pines Resort

With a blizzard heading our way last week, we made a spontaneous decision to get snowbound someplace that would have a fire continuously burning in the hearth, a snow tube run built out back, evening entertainment all lined up, three meals a day waiting in the dining room, and hot chocolate simmering all day long- Woodloch Pines, here we come!

Happy Day Westchester Woodloch Pines Tube RunFew things are as exciting for kids as these words: “Surprise! Grab your PJ’s and hop in the car- we’re going away!” When our kids heard these very words last week, the joyful shrieking that followed shook the house. There were two obvious reasons for all that glee: the first was the spontaneity of the adventure; the second was the destination. Woodloch Pines Resort in Pennsylvania is a family favorite, and a sure win if you’ve got kids of any age.

Have you heard about Woodloch? Have you wondered what it’s like, or if it would be right for your family? 

Here are eleven reasons why my family loves Woodloch, and why we think you should give it a try:
Happy Day Westchester Woodloch schedule

11. Woodloch’s jam-packed daily schedule of organized activities and events, and the staff that runs them

No matter what time of year it is, or how old your kids are, Woodloch offers a very full schedule of organized games, contests, and activities that’ll keep everyone happy. There is absolutely no chance of anyone getting bored at Woodloch! The schedule changes daily, and a big part of the fun for my family is finding the new schedule each morning at breakfast and seeing what’s lined up for that day. 

Happy Day Westchester Woodloch gingerbread creations
Checking out the creations from The Gingerbread Wars
I can’t begin to list all the activities here, but I’ll mention just a few: The Family Olympics, where families compete against each other in silly and creative contests like “Tic-Tac-Sno” – played with frisbees;  The Gingerbread Wars, a hugely popular event where teams compete to build themed creations out of freshly baked gingerbread and mounds of candy and frosting; and The Amazing Race, Woodloch’s version of the TV adventure.  Plus,   countless tried and true favorites like bingo, trivia contests, scavenger hunts, wiffleball, karaoke, bocci ball…. whatever you’re into, you’ll find some version of it at Woodloch.
Happy Day Westchester bingo woodlcoh
The Woodloch Social Director, Joey Ranner, organizes and runs all these activities with his amazing and plentiful staff, the experts of fun! I have to give Joey a hat tip for being one of the most enthusiastic, fun-loving, upbeat people around. If Joey is involved, you know it’s going to be a blast. Randy and DJ Luis are two more of our favorite Woodloch masters of fun and games- my kids know these guys by name and start looking for them as soon as we arrive at Woodloch. They’re funny, they’re wacky, and their whole focus is to make sure guests are having a good time. There are countless others on staff here at Woodloch, all focused on making your stay excellent, and this staff and the activities they run are our number one reason for coming back again and again.

10. So many ways to have an adventure or try something new, Woodloch-style

Aside from the scheduled family activities, there are even more drop-in “adventures” available for your family all day long. Archery? Paint Ball? Shooting range? Every time we go back to Woodloch we try something new, and we haven’t tried it all yet. My older kids love the Go-Carts, where they can try their hand at driving. My little guys love the Forest Playground, a huge indoor climbing structure, with a game room downstairs, a gym for basketball and indoor sports right next door, and an adjacent bumper car complex. Depending on what time of year it is, you might try a zip line, the nature trail, biking, or trap shooting. There’s a toddler room for the smaller set, and an arts and crafts room for your creative types. And we haven’t even gotten to the lake….

Happy day Westchester Woodloch forest playground

The Forest Playground

9.Lake Teedyuskung

The Woodloch Resort is situated on beautiful Lake Teedyuskung. Just about every room at the resort looks out onto it’s breathtaking view, including the dining room, the exercise room, and the indoor pool. In the warmer months, Woodloch offers boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing on the lake; there’s a small beach for sand castles and a water slide; and this time of year there’s skating and hockey. And did I mention how beautiful it is?

Happy Day Westchester ice skating

Skating on Lake Teedyuskung

8. The kid-friendly nightclub and evening entertainment 

The fun continues when the sun goes down. Every night there are shows and events planned for the whole family in the nightclub. My kids are thrilled to “go out” to a “real” nightclub and see magic or comedy shows, order drinks – hot chocolate and Shirley Temples, of course – and nibble on popcorn and pretzels in baskets at the table.  Twice a week, the nightclub goes all out and puts on a Broadway-style show with singing and dancing; other nights the activities change frequently. During this trip, we saw a great show by John Cassidy, full of comedy, magic and balloons. He managed to do something that is very hard to do – he had both kids and adults alike laughing out loud.  

happy day westchester nightclub woodloch
Kid-friendly entertainment at the nightclub – Horse Racing!

7. Fun in the snow

My personal favorite – in winter the lakeshore is transformed into a tube run and sledding hill, with snow being made continuously as needed, just in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. This tube run is fast, fun, and perfect for all ages- kids can sit in their parents lap if they want, or ride alone. The tubes are ready and waiting for you, of course, but you can also bring your own sled or buy one at the gift shop. Extreme tubing is offered for the braver set – don’t miss it!

happy day westchester woodloch tube run

Hold on tight!  The tube runs are super fast and super fun

6. The dining room…yes, the dining room. It’s great!

I just love the dining room at Woodloch. Three meals a day are included in your stay, and Woodloch makes mealtime so easy. When we head to the dining room, we know exactly where to go- to “our” table- the table reserved just for our family for all of our meals. Immediately, this table feels like home. If we left something at the table at breakfast, it was there waiting for us at lunch. If a high chair was needed, it was set up and waiting at each meal. If there are special dietary needs, the wait staff knows in advance. On our table each morning, with fresh baked breads, was the schedule of the days activities, as well as the menu for lunch and dinner that day. The warm and inviting dining room was decorated for the holidays, and there were always at least three fireplaces blazing somewhere in the room. A variety of menu choices are offered at every meal, including kid-freindly options, salads, gluten-free options, and delicious desserts. Astounding-but-true- even our kids, the most picky eaters around, found something to like at every meal. A huge plus: if you happen to have active, vocal kids, there’s no need to worry – the noise from your table will blend right into the background of this bustling, busy dining room.   

Happy Day Westchester Woodloch dining room

5. Arcades and game rooms

The kids insisted I put this on the list. While this doesn’t top my list of favorites, the kids LOVE the arcades here. There are plenty of games, including both old classics and the latest, large touch-screen games like Fruit Ninja. There’s also a “Bunker”- a hang-out room just for teens, with an X-box, ping-pong, and a pool table. 

Happy day westchester woodloch arcade

4. So many ways to get wet!

It’s always twice as fun to go swimming in the winter, and the indoor pool here is a favorite of my girls. There’s a toddler pool, a main pool, a splash zone for kids under 12, and of course a few hot tubs for the adults. In the warmer months the fun doubles when the outdoor pools and the lakeshore open up, too.

happy day westchester woodloch pool

The main pool

3. The Woodloch Family

The resort is family-owned in the truest sense of the word. The Kiesendahl family, who has owned the resort for generations, is right there with you throughout your stay. They greet you as you enter the dining room, they stop by your table to chat about your day, and joke with you about the weather. They are warm and wonderful people who smile often and really want you to have good time. This family involvement and interest in your vacations adds a level of warmth and connection that makes us want to keep coming back.

2. It’s all-inclusive…and so close to Westchester! 

The beauty of an all-inclusive vacation is obvious- it’s an absolute pleasure to enjoy all these activities without ever having to open your wallet…until the end, of course! Usually, though, you’ll have to travel a lot farther than this to find an all-inclusive resort. Just 2.5 hours from Westchester, Woodloch pines is the perfect quick escape for families from our area. Surprisingly, each time we’ve visited, almost everyone we’ve met at the resort is from Long Island. The Long Island crowd has been keeping this place to themselves for far too long – it’s time we spread the word in Westchester!

and finally..the number one reason why I love Woodloch:

1. This may be the one place on the planet that I never have to hear my kids mutter those dreaded words “There’s nothing to do”.

happy day westchester wood loch tubing 2

The next time you’re thinking of taking a trip close to home – whether it’s a spontaneous weekend or a longer family getaway – take a look at Woodloch. It was a great place to spend a snow-bound weekend, but it’s also a great place to visit any time of year. It’s a very popular destination for families so it gets booked quickly during vacation weeks; plan ahead.  If you’re in the mood for “spontaneous”, like we were, call and check availability-  you just might get lucky.

Check out the Woodloch website here: Woodloch Pines Resort

happy day westchester woodloch

(PS- In case you were wondering…Woodloch did NOT pay for my room or provide ANY compensation whatsoever for this review – they didn’t even know I was writing it. It’s from the heart.)

16 thoughts on “Escape from Westchester! When you just have to get away, here are 11 reasons to check out Woodloch Pines Resort

  1. This place looks fantastic! I just visited their website after reading your post- it’s no wonder they’ve gotten a bunch of national resort awards! I really like the idea of the regular dining table, and getting the lunch & dinner menus in advance- very helpful with kids. The nightclub sounds fun, too! I wonder if I can fit this into my vacation plans next year…

  2. My family is one of those families whose been going for over 30 years!!! We absolutely love it. Been going twice a year and just returned from our NYE trip!! All us kids are all grown up now but we still make sure we go as a family every year. It’s such a great place and the staff is fantastic. Love Love Love Woodloch!!!!

  3. We love Woodloch, been going for over 40 years. It’s a place to go with every generation with something to do for every age. The grandparents, kids and parents all have a great time. We are going in February and can’t wait. We love everything about Woodloch. Great article.

    • Marguerite, it’s Pete! Let me add to Marguerite’s comment, I have been going for 35 years now and we LOVE Woodloch. The staff is excellent and so are the guests; just good people. I actually met Marguerite at Woodloch about 30 years ago and we have been vacation friends ever since!

      I have been going since I was 10. What I like about Woodloch now, similar to then is that when you are young, you don’t have to be herded around by your parents, you can do your own thing. As a family resort we tend to do things together, but kids can run off and have fun on their own as well. This gives both the kids and the parents a rest. Try doing that at the shore!

  4. We will be returning Jan.24th for our 12 year in a row!!!! Our boys are 23, 21 and 19, and continue to ask before we leave each year…Did you book for next year!!!

  5. We absolutely love everything about Woodloch. Thanksgiving was our original time of year. It was always a great way to start the holiday season. One week in July was wonderful too. We added a springtime getaway a few years ago. Obviously once per year is not enough for this family! Even though it has been two years without Thanksgiving @ Woodloch, we still keep in touch with friends that we have made over the years. We are excited to be planning our 2014 vacation. Looking forward to hearing Randy say “Welcome Home”. Thank you!

  6. What a wonderful review on WOODLOCH!!!
    We are from Westchester too and loved it so much that we bought a home at Woodloch Springs !!
    Woodloch Pines is a wonderful family get away .
    I would highly recommend it too 🙂

  7. We’ve been going for 34 years! When I was pregnant with my first child……now not only do we go back with the children, but now with the grandchildren! I’ve been there many different times of the year and it is just as fun, no matter what season you go. We now go every New Year and have a blast. You also make life long friends from all over the country that come back to Woodloch year after year! We are not from Westchester, but from Long Island and wouldn’t miss the trip to Woodloch . LOVE Woodloch!!!

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