5 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing and Buy Your Tickets to The 2013 Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden

I know, I know – you don’t want to think about Christmas yet.  Your pumpkins are still on the front steps and you haven’t figured out who’s making the cranberry sauce next week. I’m with you. Just bear with me here: some things you just have to plan in advance. And so, here are my 5 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing and Buy Your Tickets to The Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden:

1) If you buy the tickets now, you’re guaranteed to see the show, when YOU want to see the show. Like it or not, in just a few weeks, the holiday season will be in full swing and someone in your family will want to go to the Train Show. Unless you get your tickets right now, they may sell out, or you may get stuck going at a very undesirable time and day. Don’t wait!

2) The show is bigger and has a new layout. If you think you don’t need to go again because you’ve seen it before, consider that the show looks very different from year to year. Buildings that weren’t in the show last year make an appearance this year, the layout is improved, and the whole experience seems fresh.

3) There are gorgeous, brand new works of art. In The Artists Studio, you’ll learn more about the wonderful artist who is the master behind the show, and see some of his recent work. The big draw here is a whole section of brand-new, whimsical woodland creations, reminiscent of fairy-houses and gnome-homes. A must see!

4) The “Streets of New York” dining pavilion made lunch part of the fun. The new food experience, inspired by “The Streets of New York”, has a wide range of new food choices, including plenty of New York classics. And it’s delicious. And festive. And beautiful.

5) It’s a magical, enchanting, New York holiday tradition. We are so fortunate to live so close to this treasure. Take advantage of it!

I was lucky enough to attend the Train Show today, on opening day, and it was wonderful. I’ll be posting a full review with plenty of photos soon- but for now, I just wanted to remind you: Get those tickets!


woodland house Train Show


Train Show Macys

Bridges Train Show

Will you be attending the Train Show this year? Any questions about going? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing and Buy Your Tickets to The 2013 Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden

  1. We only went once before but my family loved it! Such a great reminder, we will definitely go again this year. Arthur Ave. is only a couple of miles from the botanical gardens and they have the best family style Italian restaurants around, my favorite is Dominic’s (btw-they only take cash).

  2. We went this weekend. We walked through the exhibit slowly as if on a conveyor belt. Halfway through, the guy in front of me turns around. Who is it, Billy Crystal.

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