Daffodil Hill!

If all the joyful newness of springtime could be captured in just one location-


If all the vibrant bursts of color and light could be cornered-


If all the giddy exuberance of this new season, with its sunshine, warm breezes, budding blooms, and unfurling leaves could be crystallized into just one magical place-


That place would be Daffodil Hill.


Right now, for a just a short time, there are 670,000 daffodils spreading their gorgeous colors across the hill at the New York Botanical Garden. (Yes! 670,000!)


Some of these daffodils have been blooming in this very spot for over one hundred years, and they are blooming again, right now.


You should go! 


PS – There are many other gorgeous specimens in bloom too.

Find out more at NYBG.org.



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