The Mouse that Roared – Come see a show staged by the best local talent around

Here’s a great idea for a very happy evening: come out and see a wonderful theater production at your local high school.

Our youth are a treasure trove of talent. These actors typically have years of performing experience, and the crew and production teams work long, hard hours practicing and staging the shows.  Talent, enthusiasm and hard work always add up to a spectacular show.

One such theater program, with a stellar reputation for consistently impressive shows, is the Byram Hills High School theater program in Armonk. This program, dating back to 1968, has produced well over a hundred productions since its inception. The program boasts many alumni who have gone on to acclaimed careers on stage, in film, and in the world of music. With a track record like that, it’s clear Byram Hills knows how to put on a show.

Beginning Thursday night, the company is staging a production of “The Mouse that Roared”. The play, based on the 1955 novel by Leonard Wibberley, is both funny and thought provoking. The story provides a comical look at war and peace, political power, and the premise that size doesn’t always equal strength. The cast and crew have been working tirelessly since October to bring the show to life, so please come out and support their hard work.

To see this production of The Mouse that Roared at BHHS, contact the ticket information hotline at 914-273-9200, ext 4550, or email

The show is appropriate for all ages, but the satirical story line may be hard for younger children to follow.

Byram Hills typically offers three shows each year – a play in the fall, a large production musical in the winter, and a smaller musical in the spring.  Stay tuned for updates on future shows.

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