#HappyinWestchester…Send me a picture of what makes you happy

You must have heard…today is International Day of Happiness. I’d love to do my small part in spreading a little Happiness right here on this page. Can you help? I’m looking for your #HappyInWestchester photos. What is it about Westchester that makes you smile? Is it the view from the train as you head to work? Is it the park in town where your kids play? The coffee shop that gets you going each morning? Your own backyard?

Email me your photos at HappyDayWestchester@gmail.com. Nothing fancy – a shot from your phone is just fine. Include your first name and where the photo was taken. I’ll do my best to get as many posted as I can. Let’s spread a little Westchester Happiness! Continue reading

Beautiful Sites, Happy Moments: The Bedford Oak

Spring is coming – really, it is – and life is starting to heat up around here. As schedules get busier and spring sports kick into gear, it gets harder to find the time for big family outings or special events. Sometimes the best you can do is string together a few sweet and simple happy moments in between errands, appointments, tournaments and recitals. Luckily, Westchester is filled with so many beautiful places, there’s bound to be someplace nearby to stop and have a few quiet, special moments, or even a mini-adventure.

Not far from the center of town in the historic village of Bedford grows the mighty Bedford Oak.  This wondrous tree first sprouted up out of the ground over 500 years ago. Before our lovely Westchester was a county – before New York was a state – before The United States was even a country – this tree started it’s journey. Continue reading

What are you doing this weekend? We’ll be cheering for Team USA and Westchester’s own Kevin Shattenkirk!!

GO TEAM USA! My whole family has been looking forward to this for weeks – the excitement of the opening ceremony, the spirit of competition, the beauty of the figure skating, and the thrill of the ski jumping.

Oh – and let’s not forget the ice hockey. Kevin Continue reading

Happy Day Reality Check

Well, I did say I was on a quest. Meaning, I’m always searching for that next great day with my family here in Westchester; I realize I won’t always find exactly the day that I was looking for.

Last weekend was a typical weekend in the life of my family- and probably most families. We had a lot going on. Lessons, birthday parties, errands; scheduling conflicts, homework, piles Continue reading

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

SNOW DAY! Who can resist the excitement of those two little words?

Snow days are the perfect example of how our brains are hard-wired in childhood. I have vivid and joyful memories of huddling around the radio on those cold snowy mornings long ago, listening as the radio announcer read a long list of school names in alphabetical order.

Growing up in a town that started with the letter “Y”, Continue reading

Happy Day, Westchester! We have a lot to be thankful for.

Westchester, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are living in a stunningly beautiful corner of the world.

On one side of us, the Long Island Sound sparkles in the sun…on the other, the majestic Hudson River flows from the mountains above us to the ocean below. In between, there are countless magical places- parks, gardens and horse farms; Continue reading

Do what you can, with what you have

My second grader has been diligently saving his tooth fairy money for 2 years now. He’s accumulated a nice little stash, keeping it securely tucked away in a lock-box on his desk.

Today, I took a moment to explain to him, in simple, accurate detail, exactly what happened in The Philippines last weekend. Continue reading