One Cute Puppy + Several Good Deeds = One Very Happy Day at Adopt-a-Dog

The cute puppy in this equation is Alex; sweet, still getting used to people, currently waiting to be adopted from Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk. A little shy, with a non-stop wagging tail, a very cuddly nature, and adorable big brown eyes.

Happy Day Westchester Adopt a Dog Girl with Alex

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Thank you, Pete

Pete Seeger-you have given my children an incredible gift.

They have grown up knowing the joy of wandering the shores of the Hudson River, searching for river-life and water-treasures. They have climbed her rocks and gotten their feet wet on hot summer days. Continue reading

Some of our neighbors need our help to stay warm

When the Polar Vortex descended on Westchester a few days ago, bringing brutal and dangerous temperatures, most of us turned up the thermostat a little and stayed indoors. For some of our neighbors here in Westchester, staying warm was not that easy.

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Put Westchester on your New Year’s resolution list ~ help bring the Westchester Children’s Museum to life!

This year, resolve to do just one very important thing for Westchester – help bring the Westchester Children’s Museum to life!

Westchester offers countless opportunities for learning, culture and adventure, but one thing that has been missing is a children’s museum.  When complete, The Westchester Children’s Museum will provide our children a wonderful opportunity for hands-on, multisensory experiences with science, art, and music. Continue reading

Still shopping? Consider socially conscious giving with Greyston Bakery

Here’s a great gift idea that will allow you to give a wonderful holiday gift, support our community in Westchester, and feel good about spending your money, all at the same time: buy and give delicious baked goods from Greyston Bakery, in Yonkers. The tag line from their website explains it best:

Bakers on a Mission: We don’t hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people. Continue reading